Police investigators in Boston this week relied heavily on security cameras mounted at intersections and on area businesses to find the driver who hit and killed a Wellesley bike rider.

The cyclist was hit and killed and the driver sped away, but surveillance cameras were able to identify not only the driver who hit the bike, but other motorists who may have seen the entire accident unfold.

Accident investigations are becoming more and more reliant on high tech surveillance, and that’s good news for accident victims who want to see no stone left un-turned in getting justice. Accident victims are often put into the role of “investigator,” being forced to “prove” that an accident was not their fault. When injuries are involved, victims often are not able to pursue justice on their own.

Accident attorneys like personal injury lawyer David Van Sant, work on behalf of accident victims to ensure that investigations are thorough and that all available information is being used in determining liability and pursuing restituton.

“Surveillance cameras have become a valuable asset in investigating certain accidents, particularly those that occur on city streets where there are retail businesses, or in neighborhoods where heavy home security is installed,” says David Van Sant.

Mr. Van Sant is an Altanta personal injury lawyer who works with accident victims. He says that his team makes sure that, if cameras may have caught an accident in action, they get the tapes.

“It’s not always possible to get tapes from private homes or businesses, but the chances increase if you contact an attorney immediately after an accident occurs,” Van Sant says.

If you are injured in an accident in the Altanta area, and you need a personal injury attorney, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant. Mr. Van Sant is an attorney who works tirelessly for victims and helps them get the financail judgments they need to move forward with their lives.

For more information, contact Mr. Van Sant today.

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