School Supplies that Put Your Child at Risk

Back to School shopping is an annual ordeal, and chances are that you took your children to a local Target, Wal-Mart, or another store of the same nature to pick out new binders, notebooks, pens, and other supplies needed for another year at school. Yet according to My Fox Atlanta, children at Atlanta schools could be put at risk every single day to dangerous chemicals in the school supplies that they use constantly. According to healthy school expert Jennifer Hankey, 80,000 chemicals have been created and dispersed in the environment in the past fifty years. Many of those chemicals find their way into school supplies or school buildings.
The Healthy Green School is an initiative that aims to remove chemicals from elementary schools where children are still developing. A barrage of chemicals on the developing body could result in serious health defects. Healthy Green School says the first place to start at any school is in the janitorial closet. Oftentimes, cleaners have strong and harmful chemicals, and they are used liberally in school classrooms and hallways to clear the areas of germs and grime. Yet many of these chemicals can be directly linked to causing asthma attacks or causing children to develop allergies. One study says that 12 to 13 percent of all schoolchildren suffer from asthma or allergies because of the presence of strong cleaning chemicals in their school rooms.
Dangerous toxins can also be found in other locations. Crayons in particular are created by petrochemicals, which means petroleum is a key ingredient. Young children often chew on crayons, and are ingesting these dangerous petrochemicals in the process.

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