Resources For Those Who Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Atlanta, Georgia

Nursing home abuse and neglect is a major problem throughout the United States, with the National Center on Elder Abuse reporting that between 1 and 2 million Americans over age 65 are affected. Unfortunately, nursing home abuse often goes unreported because seniors cannot speak up for themselves or are too afraid to do so. In fact, the National Center on Elder Abuse estimates that only one in five cases of abuse are ever reported.
Nursing home abuse has devastating consequences. Residents can die as a direct result of abuse or neglect, or as a result of the emotional trauma that results from not being cared for properly. Those who are lucky enough to live through the abuse can also sustain ongoing medical trauma and emotional distress as a result of their ordeal. Unfortunately, family members can also be devastated by what happened to their loved ones who were supposed to be cared for by trusted professionals.
Family members, physicians and friends of the elderly are the first and best line of defense against elder abuse and neglect, and it is important to be armed with information about nursing home abuse. An Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer is a good source of information about your legal rights and is the appropriate person to contact if you wish to make a claim to recover financial compensation from a nursing home after abuse or neglect causes injury. Various state agencies and local law enforcement can also provide assistance in an abuse situation.

Resources to Turn to in Suspected Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse Cases

Signs of nursing home abuse can include, but are not limited to, unexplained bruises; depression; changes in behavior; burns; blisters; bedsores; filth; malnutrition and dehydration. If you see any of these signs or have any reason to suspect abuse at all, it is important to take action. It is always better to err on the side of caution to protect your loved ones and other seniors who may not have anyone to speak up on their behalf. Seniors who are suffering from abuse should also speak out and get help.
Some of the resources to turn to if you are suffering from Atlanta nursing home abuse include:

You can also file a complaint online about suspected nursing home abusing using the form on the website of the Georgia Department of Community Health or via telephone at the following phone numbers:

  • Elder mistreatment in the home in the Metro-Atlanta area: 404-657-5250
  • Elder mistreatment in a nursing home or long-term care facility: 1-800-878-6442
  • Elder mistreatment in nursing homes/long-term care facilities in the Metro-Atlanta area: 404-657-5728

Filing a complaint can launch an investigation into a nursing home and potentially put an end to abusive practices. If you wish to recover compensation for your own costs or losses associated with nursing home abuse or neglect, then an Atlanta nursing home abuse lawyer is the best resource you have.

Do You Suspect Your Loved One Is Being Subjected To Nursing Home Abuse?

If you believe your loved one may be the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse you should speak with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney as soon as possible.  Please contact us online or call our office directly at 855.GA.INJURY or 404.991.5950 to schedule your free consultation.

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