When you need the assistance of a personal injury attorney, it’s important that you find one that you feel confident will handle your case with your best interests in mind. All personal injury attorneys are not the same. Some have expertise dealing with automobile accidents, others focus on workplace injuries, some deal with medical malpractice, and there are attorneys who focus in dozens of other areas of expertise.

To help you decide what type of attorney you need, and to provide you with some guidance in selecting the right attorney for you, here are a few questions to ask prospective attorneys:

Contact attorneys and meet with those who offer a personal consultation. Some of those consultations may be over the phone. That is fine. Most people can get a “feel” for the attorney, or at least determine attorneys to cross off their lists, over the phone.

Tell the attorney about your case: Were you in an auto accident? Do you have a workplace injury? Were you bitten by a do? Then ask the attorney how many similar cases they have dealt with in the last year. If the attorney is actively involved with similar cases to yours, that is a good start on a potentially good fit.

Ask about education and experience. A good education is the foundation for a good attorney, and how he or she describes his or her experience since passing the bar can provide you with insight into whether or not this attorney has the experience to help you.

Ask about compensation. Some attorneys require payments in advance (a retainer), while others may work off a percentage of the future settlement they help you receive. Determine how you are most comfortable paying for the services of an attorney, and select one that matches your requirements.

Find out if you will be working with the attorney or one of his/her associates. If you will be working with an associate, ask to meet or speak with the associate to ask the same questions as above.

Remember, you don’t have to work with the first attorney you meet. If you feel comfortable with the practice and confident in the abilities of the professionals you meet, you will know it. If something doesn’t feel right, walk away.

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