Should You Provide A Recorded Statement After Atlanta Accident?

When you are in an accident, chances are you may find it difficult to remember all the details, particularly as time goes on. This is why insurance companies are often the first to call once you’ve submitted an accident report.
While it would be nice to believe that the insurance companies are interested only in our health and well being after an injury accident, chances are they are calling as much to hear your side of the story as to find out if you are okay. This is particularly true when you have been injured as the result of another driver and his/her insurance company is on the line.

Contact An Attorney Before Giving Any Statement

If you are injured in an accident due to no fault of your own, it is important that you get a lawyer — and fast. The reasons are numerous, but one of the best reasons is to have an advocate for your side who can walk you through the reporting process and take a recorded statement that may become useful when and if your case has to go to court.
recorded statement could be informal, done with your attorney or one of his associates present, or it could be a formal deposition for the opposing counsel. No matter what type of recorded statement, the important thing is to get the facts down without embellishment.
The time to record your statement is as soon after your accident as you are physically available. The main reason is because your memory will fade with each passing day, so the sooner the better to make sure you have your facts straight.

Contact David Van Sant, an Atlanta Injury Lawyer

Contact David Van Sant, to discuss your need for a recorded statement after an accident. He can help you determine what steps you should be taking for your particular situation. David Van Sant is a personal injury lawyer who works with accident victims. For more information, contact the today.

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