On April 29, 2011, a fatal accident occurred between a motorcycle and a van in Gwinnett.  The 26 year old motorcycle driver died when he hit a van.  The 21 year old van driver was driving without a valid driver’s license and was charged with failure to yield.  The 21 year old is now being charged with second-degree vehicular homicide.

Motorcycles are a fun form of transportation.  They save on gas and offer a sense of excitement all at the same time.  Unfortunately, they are also dangerous.  While the statistics vary the reality remains the same: the majority of motorcycle accidents result in injury to the cyclist.  Common motorcycle injuries include concussions and brain damage, breaking of bones or joints, and skin and muscle injury (including facial disfigurement).

If you’re going to ride a motorcycle, always wear the proper attire–think protection, not what looks cool.  You’re not going to look too cool when your face is wrapped up with gauze and you’re the road has more of your skin on it than your knee does.  Sound harsh?  It is.

Always use due care when operating a motorcycle.  If you see a motorcycle on the road, a good rule of thumb is to give it as much room as you would a bus.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident caused by the negligence of someone else, contact our firm today.

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