When you’re injured in a fall on someone else’s property, is it your fault, or is it the property owners? According to personal injury attorneys, that all depends.

If the accident was the result of a lack of maintenance in a public location, such as a crack in the concrete that catches your shoe and takes you down, you may have grounds for going after the property owner for medical expenses or other expenses related to your injury.

If you are on someone’s property and are injured due to no fault but your own — you took a wrong step, you weren’t watching where you were going and tripped, that probably is not going to be the property owner’s problem. But if you trip over your neighbor’s dog, you might have a case.

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer can help you sort through the facts of your situation to determine whether or not there is grounds for a suit. Many factors play into the decision: how bad is your injury? Do you know the property owner? Were their extenuating factors? Were you on property as part of your work? These factors make a difference in whether or not you have a case.

When you are injured on someone’s property, it’s important to gather as many facts about the situation at the time of the accident as possible. If you are too hurt, ask a friend or relative to take some pictures of the accident scene. Be sure to get photos of any swelling or bruising, and keep detailed medical records.

An Atlanta personal injury lawyer likeDavid Van Sant works hard for victims of accidents. There are times when you are injured due to no fault of your own. When that occurs and you need assistance with medical bills, you are suffering from lost time on the job, or you believe the accident could have been prevented but was caused by the negligence of others, you need an attorney’s help.

Contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant for assistance with personal injury accidents and legal help.

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