Top 3 Things to Do in a Store Slip and Fall Incident

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Legal Representation for Slip and Fall Accidents Occurring in Georgia Stores

Injuries in retail stores and grocery stores are a common source of personal injury claims. The most common type of injury in these establishments is that of a slip and fall incident.
Slip and fall injuries have encouraged restaurants and other retailers to improve safety and responses to hazards, which is a good thing. While many believe slip and fall injuries are the basis of frivolous lawsuits, the reality is that these accidents are detrimental to the victim. Often, a slip or trip and fall can lead to permanent injuries, such as a traumatic brain injury or broken hips.
Furthermore, store owners have an obligation to the public to keep them safe and always ensure their premises are free from hazards. Holding them accountable in court is the only way to encourage them to keep their obligation to consumers.
After a slip and fall accident in a store, it is imperative that a victim know what to do. While you have many steps to complete, there are three that you must do immediately if you want to preserve evidence and increase the likelihood of a successful claim.

Do Not Provide a Recorded Statement to Anyone

Immediately after your injury, and often before you can contact an attorney, you will be contacted by the insurer who carries the policy for the retail store. The claims adjuster may try hard to get you to give them a recorded statement, but do not do so.
Once they get you to agree, they will do a recorded question and answer session over the phone. This is their attempt to get you on tape admitting to inconsistencies. Anything you say on that recording could be used to deny your claim – even if you are legitimately injured. So, do not fall for their tricks. Instead, kindly decline and let them know that you will consult an attorney before providing any official statements.

Receive Medical Treatment Quickly

No matter how fine you feel, it is imperative you seek medical treatment immediately after the accident. The sooner you receive medical care, the easier it is to document your injuries and tie them to the accident. Furthermore, the longer you wait, the harder it is to obtain compensation. Insurers will argue that you were not injured as severely as you claim because you did not receive treatment.
Other times, insurance companies will say that you made the injury and recovery worse because you failed to obtain treatment as quickly as possible.

Follow Through with All Treatment Plans

You must follow through with the treatment plans given to you by your physician. Failure to do so will give the insurance company an argument that you did not suffer from as severe of an injury as you claim.

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