In Lawrenceville, Georgia, authorities were called to help out a fellow firefighter after a terrible explosion took place at his home. Crews extinguished the flames from the explosion quickly, but three family cats did not survive the blaze. The firefighter suffered burns and was taken to the Grady Memorial Hospital. The man allegedly suffered burns to his hands, forearms, and torso in the explosion.

At the time of the accident, he was the only one home. His wife claims that he was repairing an air conditioning unit in the basement when the accident happened. His wife says that she got a frantic phone call from her husband after the incident. He informed her that the house exploded and that he was waiting for 911. He asked her to come home. The firefighter’s son says that his dad’s firefighting experience may have helped to save his life.

He understood how to read the fire and knew that it was from an explosion and how to move away from it in time and avoid death. The explosion blew out the windows of the home and damaged some of the siding. Investigators believe that the explosion has something to do with the air conditioning unit, but they are not certain of this fact.

They will continue to research to learn whether or not the explosion could have been prevented. If it was indeed an air conditioning unit flaw, then the family may be able to seek compensation from the air conditioning company or the installation company for being negligent with their appliances. You will want to discuss this possibility with an Atlanta personal injury attorney today if you want to learn more. With a professional from the Firm on your side, you will be able to gather the evidence that you need to prove liability in your case!

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