Understanding the Importance of Evidence Preservation After an Atlanta Truck Accident

At the Van Sant Law we often are consulted by clients who have been injured in an accident with a tractor trailer.
When you’re in an accident with a commercial truck driver or a transportation company, some new issues come into play. While an accident is an accident, professional truck drivers or large transportation companies may have more on the line than a “regular” driver. This can cause some new concerns to arise.

Why is Evidence Preservation Important?

Working with a personal injury attorney who has expertise in issues related to tractor trailer accidents is the first place to start. Your attorney may draft and send a document called a spoliation letter, which outlines the request to preserve “evidence” in the vehicle. For example, a request could be made for repairs to be postponed until investigations have been completed. If a vehicle is repaired, determining the exact impact point could be difficult. Commercial enterprises need their vehicles on the road, so while they certainly don’t like spoliation documents, they know they must comply with investigators and insurance adjusters so that they can get their vehicle back on the road.
In addition to physical evidence within the truck, a spoliation document might request that the trucking company preserve information like the driver’s personnel file, maintenance records for the vehicle, and other information about the truck and trailer.

Consult an Atlanta Truck Accident Attorney

Working with an attorney is the only way to ensure that evidence is preserved and responsibility is adequately assigned. David Van Sant is an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer that helps victims. He has represented dozens of victims of car accidents involving professional truck drivers or trucking firms, and that experience helps him help accident victims.
Whether you need help from an attorney to preserve evidence, navigate through insurance issues, or simply manage the paperwork while you recover from an injury, David Van Sant is the type of caring attorney who can help.
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