Drug & Alcohol Screens Required for Truck Drivers After Accidents

When you’re involved in a car accident that involves a professional truck driver, there are numerous additional factors that need to be considered. While it is always wise to contact an attorney if you have a car accident, if you have a car accident with a truck, and with a professional truck driver driving that truck, it’s even more important to contact a competent truck accident lawyer.

David Van Sant – Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer

David Van Sant says that professional truck drivers are regulated both by federal laws and individual states. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration determines who is classified as a commercial driver and sets standards that must be followed.
“In trucking there is no room for alcohol and drug use. Just to be hired, you have to pass a five panel drug screening, and regulations require that trucking companies have a random drug testing program in place. Those programs are regulated by the Department of Transportation,” Van Sant says.

GA Truckers Required To Submit Drug/Alcohol Tests After Accidents

In Georgia, professional drivers who are involved in an accident are required to submit to a drug screening and an alcohol breathalyzer test within three hours of the accident. Even when severe injuries have occurred, this requirement stands. Some emergency rooms will not perform these tests, but trucking companies will dispatch contract medical companies to gather the required samples.

Speak To Georgia Truck Accident Lawyer

When it comes to the responsibilities of the driver, when an accident has occurred, both the driver’s driving record and his/her tests described above may come into play. The complexity of the situation makes it necessary to work with a competent truck accident attorney.
David Van Sant can assist you with every aspect of your truck accident case. Contact Van Sant Law today.

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