When your child was bitten by a neighbor's dog, you called the doctor and maybe even the police, but it probably didn't occur to you to call a lawyer. Read our dog bite blog to learn why it is important to hold the dog's owner responsible for the damage his pet has caused. Our attorneys explain your rights and the steps you must take to protect them in Atlanta, Gainesville, Cumming, and Duluth in these posts.

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  • Boy Mauled By Pit Bull in March Still Recovering Dog bites have been in the news in recent weeks because of the video that went viral of a dog attacking a little boy, who was then saved by his pet cat.
  • Common Treatments Following Dog Bites Millions of Americans are injured by dog bites each year. One of the first things doctors do for treatment is preventing infection – see why it is critical you do too.
  • Georgia Dog Bite Lawyer If you or a loved one was injured by a vicious dog, contact the dog bite attorneys at Van Sant Law, LLC. Call us at 404-991-5950.
  • GA Dog Bite Lawyer If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog in Georgia, do yourself a favor and contact the dog bite injury experts at Van Sant Law, LLC at 888-654-6693.
  • "Freak" Dog Bite Needs Reporting Atlanta personal injury blog titled: "Freak" Dog Bite Needs Reporting.