Boy Mauled By Pit Bull in March Still Recovering

Dog bites have been in the news in recent weeks because of the video that went viral of a dog attacking a little boy, who was then saved by his pet cat. Our Atlanta dog bite lawyers read about another courageous little boy who is still recovering after being attacked by a pit bull dog. Jasper Poole, who is only four years old, was attacked by a relative’s pit bull when it was let outside. The dog bit the little boy’s leg and dragged him down stairs. Schley County Sheriff Shane Tondee said when police arrived, “We found a pit bull dog that had blood on him, blood on his face, and blood all over the door, the deck, and the ledge where the incident happened.

Recovery Included Surgery Physical Therapy

Two months later, Jasper still had a large wound on his leg, which required 300 stitches. The wounds included a severed calf muscle. The little boy has already gone through two surgeries. His mom, Lezlie Poole, said, “We come here three days a week, and we see a surgeon one day a week, we had to get a custom boot made for us that helps stretch his calf muscle so there’s a lot that goes into that.His parents say he’s in high spirits, but he has to learn to walk again. Of his physical therapy, his mom said, “It’s like play time for him, he calls it working out. He gets to go to the gym and work out so he gets excited to do that.
With the surgeries and physical therapy, Ms. Poole isn’t sure their medical insurance will cover everything, due to the extent of Jasper’s injuries. She is thankful for support from the community, and also the hospitals and surgeons, and said, “[T]hey’ve been so good with him especially since he’s so young.She also says Jasper now is very afraid of dogs. She said, “We can’t walk down the street if there’s a dog that’s being walked, we go into a panic attack and we just cry and just cling to me or my husband.
Georgia is 10th in the country for dog bite claims; the insurer State Farm alone paid about two million dollars in dog bite claims in 2013. This shows what a serious problem it is for our state, and how we need to work together to find ways to promote responsible dog ownership. The dog owners said that this pit bull was not known to be violent and had never behaved this way before, but Jasper’s case shows how much care needs to be taken with dogs, especially around vulnerable small children like Jasper.

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