It’s always sad to hear of another Atlanta area motorcyclist who is injured or killed on our area highways and roads. Just last week, 35-year old Lonnie Cross was killed when he lost control of the motorcycle he was driving after he hit a shredded tire that had been thrown from an 18-wheeler, run over by another car, and then thrown into his path. After skidding across the center line, he was run over by another truck that didn’t have time to stop. At this time, no charges are pending.

Despite no charges being filed by the police, Mr. Cross died in a tragic accident that was no fault of his own. He did not make the tire that shredded and was thrown by the 18 wheeler. The truck driver most likely had no idea the tire had even come off, and even if he was aware, he could not done anything about it after the fact to stop the accident behind him from happening. However, Mr. Cross’ survivors certainly will want to know if all the required inspections were made and that the driver was not driving on dangerously balding or thread bare tires.

The car ahead of Mr. Cross that hit the tread most likely had no time to react to finding it in his/her path. Obviously he or she barely avoided an accident his/herself, and is not responsible for the accident that killed Mr. Cross. So what is the victim’s family left to do? Without an attorney looking out for their interests, most likely, there is nothing they can do.

That’s why it’s critical when you are the victim of an accident or the surviving spouse or family member of an accident victim that you consult a personal injury attorney. A qualified attorney will conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether or not there was negligence on behalf of the tire manufacturer, the trucking company or the driver that threw the tread. An attorney also will investigate prior litigation involving the brand of tires, and will document evidence to ensure that all opportunities for victim’s compensation are investigated.

If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident or are the surviving spouse of a motorcycle accident victim, contact David Van Sant . He’s a personal injury attorney in Atlanta who compassionately pursues valid compensation for the victim’s of accidents. For more information, contact David today.

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