Nursing home abuse and nursing home neglect are both issues that have a profound effect on the lives of the elderly in Atlanta. Abuse is very common among seniors, and especially among vulnerable groups like those who suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairments. atlanta nursing home abuse

While any senior who lives in a nursing home setting faces a very real threat of abuse and neglect, seniors who are most at risk of harm are those who do not receive regular outside visitors. Unfortunately, a substantial number of seniors fall into this category where visits never come or where visits are few and far between. Seniors who don't get visitors need to know what their rights are, but often there is no one to speak up for them. This is why it is so important for families and friends who do see signs of abuse to take action.

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Seniors Without Visitors are Vulnerable to Atlanta Nursing Home Abuse

According to a recent article in Review Journal, approximately 60 percent of older people who are living within nursing homes do not receive visitors from outside of the nursing facility. Research has shown that these residents who are not being visited by family or friends face a significant increased risk of being victimized by abusive or neglectful behavior.

There are a variety of different possible explanations for why people without visitors tend to get worse care or even become victims of abuse. One of the biggest issues is that these vulnerable seniors have no one to advocate for them. Nursing homes are often understaffed and staff members must prioritize the needs of residents. When family or friends of some residents are vocal about insisting that their loved one get care, and make complaints when that care falls short, obviously these seniors are going to get more attention than someone who doesn't have advocates.

Seniors without visitors may also not have anyone who notices signs of abuse, may not be able to speak up about the abuse, and may have no one to tell about abuse if they aren't being visited. Staff members know who doesn't get visitors, and those who abuse seniors will be well aware that they can get away with more bad behaviors with residents who have no one to help them.

When vulnerable seniors do suffer abuse or neglect, they face an increased risk of death as well as serious conditions like pressure sores or dehydration. Those who do visit friends and family in nursing homes may be the only hope these victims have to stop the cycle of abuse. If you are visiting a loved one in a nursing home and you see any reason to suspect abuse or neglect of any resident, you should speak up.

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