Often, when it becomes difficult or impossible for a senior to care for himself or herself, a nursing home or assisted living facility is the best solution. Nursing homes are supposed to have skilled, trained staff and to provide care for the patients they admit, especially those patients with special needs. Unfortunately, as Alpharetta, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys, we know that nursing homes do not always live up to the obligation they make to patients or to family members who entrust nursing homes with the care of loved ones.

When a nursing home falls short by providing wrongful care or inappropriate care of a senior, this can have serious consequences. Seniors can suffer from major medical problems and can experience significant pain, as well as mental and emotional distress. In some cases, a vulnerable senior will even die as a result of wrongful or inappropriate care, leaving distraught loved ones behind.

If you or a loved one has fallen victim to wrongful or inappropriate care at a nursing home, the laws in Georgia allow you to take action against the home and to recover compensation for financial and other losses. An Alpharetta, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney can assist you in understanding your rights and in pursing a claim against the nursing home.

Wrongful or Inappropriate Care in an Alpharetta, Georgia Nursing Homes

When a patient enters into a nursing home, they have certain rights under Georgia law and the nursing home has certain obligations. Nursing homes must provide reasonably competent and skilled care to all patients that they admit. This means, among other things, that the nursing homes must ensure the patients have an adequate diet, stay nourished and hydrated, are supervised to prevent bedsores and unexplained falls, and have their medical needs met.

When a nursing home provides inappropriate or wrongful care, whether because of bad policies, too many patients for the staff to handle, indifferent staff or other problems, the nursing home can be considered to be in breach of their legal duty. This opens up the door for patients to file a lawsuit against the nursing home with the help of an Alpharetta, Georgia nursing home abuse attorney.

If neglect, abuse, wrongful care or improper care can be proven, then the nursing home becomes liable for paying for the damages that resulted from their wrongful act. This can include any medical treatment necessary to treat illnesses or complications that developed because of the nursing home's breach of duty. Nursing homes can also be made to compensate patients for pain and suffering and emotional distress and, if the nursing home's lapse in duty leads to death, nursing homes can be made to pay wrongful death damages to surviving family members. Among other things, wrongful death damages provide coverage for funeral expenses and payment for loss of companionship.

An Alpharetta, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help

Nursing home abuse and neglect have become major problems throughout the United States, with as many as one to two million seniors suffering some type of wrongful treatment. Nursing homes can fail their patients in a number of ways, from turning a blind eye to abusive practices to simply not paying attention and not providing necessary or appropriate care to patients.

When a nursing home fails in its important responsibilities, one of the most vulnerable segments of the population suffers. At Van Sant Law, LLC, our Alpharetta, Georgia Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys pride themselves on standing up for injured seniors, representing their interests and fighting for their rights to be treated with dignity and respect. We will fight vigorously for our clients who have been the victims of wrongful or inappropriate care and will help to recover the maximum compensation available under the law. To learn more about how we can help you, give us a call at (404) 991-5950.

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