In case you have not noticed, our tone changes when talking about 18-wheeler or semi-truck accidents. They are no where near the same as car accidents. If your Atlanta attorney is handling your trucking case like a car accident case, you are in big trouble.

How Semi-Truck Accidents Are Different in Alpharetta and Atlanta

One of the biggest differences between car and semi-truck accidents is the sheer amount of evidence that stands to be lost in trucking cases. Trucking companies have departments (called Risk Management) who get the call as soon as a 18-wheeler has been involved in an accident. The trucking company will immediately send someone to the scene to begin investigation. Meanwhile, you or your family are severely injured and unable to watch the trucking company’s actions. What unfortunately happens in more and more in semi-truck accidents is key evidence goes missing.

Today’s trucks are equipped with a tremendous amount of technology, from black boxes that record speed, braking, etc., to GPS devices and devices that can prove truck driver fatigue. Unless this data is gotten to quickly, it may be destroyed or overwritten. The Federal Regulations only require trucking companies to keep some data for 6 months.

Other types of data are subject to the trucking companies’ internal record retention policies. You need an attorney who has the time, knowledge, and resources to fully engage your case without delay. The first thing your attorney should do, the day he/she takes your case, is send a letter to the trucking company demanding they preserve all evidence.

Another huge difference between car and 18-wheeler cases is that truck accident cases deal extensively with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Before a truck can move goods between states, it must obtain a USDOT number and operating authority. By doing so, the trucking company agrees to comply with the FMCSRs. The FMCSR regulate everything from driver qualifications, to hours of service and insurance coverage. Your attorney must know these regulations cold. The FMCSRs will give you numerous strategies for going after trucking companies that are not available in your normal car accident.

Whatever you decide when hiring an Alpharetta truck accident attorney, do not delay. If you contact us and we cannot help you, we will get you to someone who can ASAP.

Your Alpharetta Truck Accident Lawyer Should Know:

  • Federal and
    Georgia Trucking Regulations;
  • The different types of claims you can use against a trucking company not available in car accidents;
  • Strategic issues in deciding where to sue a trucking company;
  • The physics and issues surrounding how 18 wheeler accidents occur, such as braking, turning, speed, etc.