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Would This Stop Drunk Driving Crashes?

Drunk drivers are supposed to lose their license for a set period of time. The specific amount of time varies depending upon whether they have prior offenses and, in some cases, how high their blood alcohol concentration was at the time they were behind the wheel. The goal of these restrictions is both to act as a deterrent to prevent drunk driving and to keep people who could potentially be dangerous off of the roads. drunk driving car crashes atlanta georgia Van Sant Law

Since DUI license suspensions are supposed to make the roads safer, it may come as a surprise that Mothers Against Drunk Driving is in support of one city’s plan to eliminate an automatic 30-day suspension for impaired motorists. There are multiple arguments being made as to why this automatic suspension should be lifted, but the key is that it would instead be replaced by a requirement that DUI-offenders have ignition interlock devices installed in their vehicles.

Developing effective ways to prevent DUI accidents is essential, regardless of the specific methods used. Those who are hurt or who lose loved ones in drunk driving accidents face tremendous loss. An Atlanta drunk driving accident lawyer at Van Sant Law, LLC can provide legal representation to victims and help them to recover compensation for both economic and non-monetary damages.

Could Ignition Interlock Devices Stop Atlanta Drunk Driving Accidents?

The Chicago Tribune reported on the proposal, which has been made by the Illinois State Bar Association, to lift the required 30-day suspension of a person’s license after a DUI arrest. The proposal is not only supported by Mothers against Drunk Driving, but another local advocacy group called Alliance Against Intoxicated Motorists has also expressed qualified support.

The 30-day suspension is supposed to apply to everyone and be mandatory, but this is not actually happening. Instead, some people are working out deals to avoid it in exchange for paying large sums of money. People end up being desperate not to lose their license, since the vast majority of people absolutely need to drive in order to go to their jobs or take their children and family members where they need to go. So, some people get the benefit of paying big money to stay on the roads even after a DUI arrest, while others don’t. These plea deals with big fines do nothing to improve road safety, and eliminating the 30-day required suspension would reduce the incentive for the deals to be made.

The suspension also results in many people driving with a suspended license because they simply feel they have no choice but to do so. This makes the roads even less safe.

If the requirement for the suspension was lifted and instead every motorist had to have an ignition interlock device installed, this would help to ensure people weren’t driving drunk since they would literally be unable to start their cars if they were impaired.

Many advocacy groups believe ignition interlock devices are one of the keys to stopping repeat DUIs, and many argue that they should be a requirement for all DUI offenders. Since they are not currently mandatory after a DUI, many people do become repeat drunk drivers- sometimes stopping only if they are jailed for causing a deadly collision or an accident that leads to serious injury.

If you or someone you love is the victim of a collision with any drunk driver, you need to know your rights.

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