Workplace Injuries in Georgia Require Attorney Representation

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is responsible for documenting workplace injuries throughout the United States. Numbers recently released for 2010 show that 82 people died in the state of Georgia as a result of injuries they received on the job.

The majority of those injuries were actually assaults and violent acts, inflicted upon a worker either by a co-worker, an associate, or an individual who came into the workplace. Another 25 people were injured as the result of falls at work, 13 of those from a higher level to a lower level, such as a fall from a roof on a construction site.

Personal injury attorneys work with individuals who were injured on the job, whether through a fall or other accident or at the hands of another. Four people were injured as a result of contact with electric current and another six from exposure to chemicals or other substances. There are many types of workplace injuries that require the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

David Van Sant is an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who works with victims to ensure that their medical and lost time needs are met. When you are injured and can’t work, it doesn’t mean your bills go away, so having an attorney take charge of your case can offer great relief.

If you have been injured on the job in the state of Georgia, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant.