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Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys – Hip Injuries from Work Accidents

As Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, we have seen first hand just how devastating a hip injury can be. Your hip, made up of the ilium, femoral head and neck, and femur, is one of the body’s most stable joints. The hip also bears more of your body’s weight than any of the other joint in your body. Because of the important role the hip plays in mobility, injuries to the hip can be especially devastating. They can also take a long time to heal and in some cases, depending on your age and the extent of the injury, they may never fully recover.

When a hip injury is sustained at work, you may be entitled to benefits through Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation. Workers’ Compensation is a comprehensive worker protection system in which employers purchase insurance on employees and workers’ comp insurers pay benefits when workers are injured. Workers’ Compensation is supposed to make sure you don’t suffer financial loss from a work-injury, but it doesn’t always work perfectly since problems can occur when filing a claim or employers and insurers can behave in a dishonest way.

If you have suffered a hip injury and want to make sure you get the workers’ compensation benefits you deserve, it is imperative you consult with an Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorney as soon as possible after your injury has occurred.

Types of Hip Injuries from Atlanta, Georgia Work Accidents
Hip injuries can be sustained in falls, as a result of overexertion or as a result of placing repetitive stress on your body. Some of the different types of hip injuries that can develop as a result of doing your job include:

  • Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can be brought on or aggravated by performing repetitive motions and/or placing stress on your hip joint at work.
  • Bursitis. Bursitis develops when the smooth surface of the bursa in your hip becomes inflamed, resulting in significant pain.
  • Hip dislocation. Hip dislocation is not a common injury, but can be a very severe one that occurs when the femur moves out of its socket in the pelvic bone.
  • Hip fracture. Hip fractures commonly occur in falls and auto accidents. The Liberty Mutual 2011 Workplace Safety Index lists falls from the same level (i.e. tripping); falls from a different level and auto accidents as three of the top 10 causes of disabling work injuries
  • Hip pointer. Like hip fractures, falls result from falling
  • Hip strain. Repetitive stress or excessive pressure placed on the hip can cause hip strain
  • Torn labrums. Torn labrums can result when sudden motion results in the fibrocartilage on your hip joint tearing.

These are just some of the common hip injuries that can occur in workplace accidents. If you hurt your hip in any way as a direct result of your job, regardless of who was at fault for your injury or whether your employer was careless in ensuring your safety, you can receive workers’ compensation benefits.

Atlanta, Georgia Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Can Help After Hip Injuries
When you have sustained a hip injury at work, workers’ compensation benefits should cover all of your medical bills including bills that you are expected to incur for future care. You should also be compensated for missed work time after seven days of work have been missed. If the damage to your hip results in you being permanently or temporarily disabled, you can receive either total disability benefits equal to 2/3 of your prior weekly wage up to $500 or partial disability benefits equal to a portion of the difference between what you earn after your hip injury and what you earned before it.

To receive these benefits, however, you’ll need to meet all requirements for filing a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia. You will also need to prove the extent of your injuries and that they were work-related, especially if your employer denies your claim or tries to send you to work before you are ready.

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