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Workplace Exposure to Toxins Can Entitle Workers to Benefits

Recently, Safety BLR reported on a troubling trend in which workers are getting sick more frequently. Safety BLR was specifically reporting on the rise in black lung disease, and indicated that one in 10 coal miners is now identified as having the condition. In some particular areas of the country, as many as one in five workers have evidence of black lung, which is the highest level that has been recorded in the past 25 years. atlanta workplace illness Van Sant Law

While this troubling report focused on one particular industry, the reality is that employees in almost any field could be exposed to toxins at work that make them sick. Whether it is miners exposed to high levels of dangerous coal dust or construction workers exposed to asbestos in old buildings or office workers exposed to unsafe levels of mold in poorly ventilated and badly maintained office spaces, there are ample examples of situations in which workers could come into contact with toxins at work and get sick because of it.

If you or someone you love develops an illness that you believe is connected to your workplace, it is important that you take appropriate legal action. An Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer can help you to understand your rights, prove your illness is work related, and make a claim for benefits so you should contact an attorney as soon as you get sick.


Workplace Exposure to Toxins Can Entitle Workers to Benefits

In some cases, it is clear that exposure at work was the cause of an illness that a worker experiences. For example, the link between black lung and exposure to coal mining dust is very clear and well-accepted and the symptoms of black lung are distinct so it is easy to identify when a coal miner has been made sick at work. Likewise, asbestosis and mesothelioma have clearly been linked to asbestos exposure.

As a result of the direct link between these particular toxins and exposure on-the-job, it can be easier to obtain workers’ compensation benefits. In other cases, however, illnesses such as cancer could have many potential causes and it can sometimes be difficult to trace a particular ailment to fulfilling work duties.

While there are challenges associated with proving that an injury was caused by work, it is important for those who suffered exposure to toxins on-the-job to make their case successfully so they can get benefits. It can be very expensive to treat many medical conditions that develop as a result of exposure to chemicals or other unsafe substances at work €” and illness can often make it impossible to work or cause untimely death.

Workers and their families should not face substantial financial loss due to big medical bills and loss of income when they were harmed by performing work tasks. An Atlanta work injury lawyer can help victims to prove that toxins at work caused illness so workers and their loved ones can get the benefits they deserve.

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