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Will Video Surveillance Help My Slip and Fall Case?

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Just about every retailer in the country uses some form of video surveillance. Even if they do not have cameras inside, the shopping center or a neighboring business is likely to have one – and that camera could capture your accident. After a slip and fall, it is important to look for cameras. That includes those in the business (or on the premises) where you fell, as well as around you.

Why Video Surveillance?

Slip and fall cases are extremely hard to prove. Often, it comes down to the injured party’s word against the store or homeowner. The property owner could argue that the plaintiff staged the accident or made it up; and, he or she wasn’t really injured. While there are all different types of evidence that you can present in these types of cases, the most effective is video footage.

Not only does a video surveillance tape show the accident, but it can also support claims about the injuries sustained. If the plaintiff states that he or she broke a hip, then the plaintiff can show the fall that damaged the hip. If the plaintiff suffers from long-term brain injuries, the video could show him or her striking the head on the surface, which will help prove the claim.

Video surveillance can also pinpoint the negligence which caused the plaintiff’s accident in the first place. For example, it could show a dangerous condition or even a substance on the floor that was not properly cleaned up. Also, that footage could show how long the dangerous condition was present – that is: How long did it remain without being taken care of? This is critical in a slip and fall case. Because, as the plaintiff, you must show that the defendant knew or reasonably should have known about the hazardous condition, but failed to eradicate it.

While there are plenty of opportunities for a slip and fall to be captured on video, you should also realize that obtaining that footage can be difficult. This is where an attorney will come in. An attorney can make the proper (and legal) requests for that footage.

Other Helpful Evidence

Whether you have video coverage or not, you should look for all evidence in order to prove your claim. The stronger your case, the easier it will be to settle – and the less likely the defendant is to draw out the claim in court. Some other types of evidence that you should gather for your claim include:

Digital Photographs

These can help further establish what was on the photographs. They can also be useful to paint a picture when there is no video surveillance. Also, some video surveillance systems are too wide and, when you zoom in, the picture becomes blurry. Digital photographs help clarify more intricate details.

Witness Statements

Not all accidents have witnesses, but if someone does witness your accident, you need to get their contact information. That way, your attorney can interview them at a later date and use their statement as part of your case.

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