Why You Can’t Trust the Insurance Companies

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GA Insurance Company Lawyers - David Van Sant, LLCAfter you have been in an accident, one of the first people you will probably hear from is an insurance adjustor. Most adjustors are friendly and they will want to talk to you about your accident and to get things settled as quickly as possible. Be careful.

You cannot trust insurance companies, not even your own insurance company. Consider the following facts about insurance companies:

  • They are for profit companies whose interests conflict with yours
  • Adjustors have years of experience handling claims like yours
  • Insurance companies employ teams of lawyers and other experts
  • Insurance companies probably have more information about your accident than you do

Insurance Companies Don’t Make Money by Paying Claims

What are insurance companies? They are huge multi-billion dollar for-profit companies. Their goal is to maximize profits. Insurance claims are one of the biggest costs of doing business for an insurance company.

What does that mean for your claim? It means that while your goal is to get all of the money your claim is worth, the insurance company’s interest is the exact opposite. The insurance company wants to pay out as little as possible on every claim.

Insurance adjustors do not get promoted or rewarded for paying out large sums of money on insurance claims.

Even Your insurance Company Isn’t Looking Out for You

In some circumstances you will have to deal with your own insurance company. Many people mistakenly believe that as a customer, their insurance company will treat them fairly.

Your insurance agent may treat you like a customer. They probably get paid in part based on your premiums. But, your insurance company is tasked with maximizing profits. They are willing to take a chance on losing your premiums in exchange for paying out less on a claim.

Even your own insurance company is looking out for itself, and not for you.

They Have Years of Experience and Teams of Lawyers

When dealing with an insurance company you are at a disadvantage. The adjuster handling your claim has probably handled at least dozens, if not hundreds, or even thousands of claims. They have a better understanding of how the process works and are experts at getting people to settle for less.

Insurance companies have armies of lawyers and other experts at their disposal. When you are handling your own claim, it isn’t just you dealing with a single adjuster; it is you dealing with a powerful team of experts.

They Have More Information Than You Do

After an accident you often have no other contact with the other party. But, the insurance company has most likely already talked to them and any witnesses. They have more facts than you do about your own accident, and they aren’t going to share those details with you voluntarily.


You should not trust an insurance company because their interests are opposite of yours. When you are negotiating by yourself, you are at a severe disadvantage. Personal injury law is complicated and you have most likely never handled more than one or two accidents before.

You don’t have to face the insurance company alone. If you or a loved one has been in an accident, call 888-681-8633 to talk to a personal injury expert. Contact Van Sant Law LLC for a free consultation today.