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Which Industries Have the Highest Chance of Atlanta Worker Death?

It should come as no surprise that working in certain jobs is much more dangerous than working in other professions. There are some industries where you are working with tools equipment, and machinery and are out in the field all day doing physical labor. These jobs tend to have a higher probability of something going wrong. While this does not mean injuries cannot happen anywhere, it does mean that extra precautions should be taken by both employers and employees in the highest risk sectors. Atlanta workplace fatalities Van Sant Law

When a death on-the-job happens, an Atlanta workplace fatality lawyer should be consulted by the family members of the person who was killed. Death benefits should be available through workers’ compensation, provided it can be demonstrated that the fatality was a work-related one. The death of a worker can be devastating for family members and all steps should be taken to prevent such a tragedy from occurring.

If the death happens, however, at least workers’ compensation can help to shield the family from some possible financial consequences associated with losing the deceased’s income.

Taking a Close Look at Risks of Atlanta Workplace Deaths

Determining which industries are the most likely to result in worker deaths is important so safety experts can look for solutions and so employees and employees can better understand the danger they face. The best way to measure how dangerous an industry is involves looking at the rate of deaths per 100,000 workers. This can provide a more accurate assessment of varying levels of danger, because there are some industries with many more workers than others. While they may have a higher number of total deaths, they may not actually be as dangerous as other professions because their death rate is lower.

The American Council on Science and Health provided a comprehensive report on the industries with the highest rates of death. The report was compiled using statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and revealed that:

  • Farming, fishing, and forestry is the deadliest industry. Within this profession, there was a death rate of 24.7 deaths per 100,000 people working in the industry.
  • Transportation and material moving is the second deadliest industry. For workers in transportation and material moving, there was a death rate of 15.4 employees killed per 100,000 workers. This industry actually had the highest total number of people killed, with 1,346 fatalities among transportation and material moving workers.
  • Construction and extraction had the third highest rate of fatalities among its workers. For every 100,000 workers in this profession, there were 12.1 fatalities.
  • Installation, repair, and maintenance had the fourth highest fatality rate. There were 8.1 deaths of workers in this sector for every 100,000 people doing jobs in this field.

In the professions with the highest rate of worker fatalities, clearly much more should be done to try to prevent fatalities from occurring in the workplace. Employers should look at this data as a wakeup call to try to make meaningful change going forward.

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