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What Happens if Your Job Causes an Atlanta Workplace Illness?

Many people know that if they get hurt while they are doing work, they can make a claim to get benefits. What workers may not be aware of, however, is that they can also get workers’ compensation coverage if something they are doing at work makes them sick. atlanta workplace illness Van Sant Law

There are lots of different causes of workplace injuries in Atlanta, and employees must understand how to pursue a benefits claim if they suffer an illness as a direct result of work tasks. An Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can provide assistance to employees who develop an illness thanks to their professional experiences.

What Happens After Workplace Illness in Atlanta?

Workplace illnesses frequently occur as a result of toxic exposure. Some of the most common types of exposures which result in illnesses include breathing in toxic chemicals, coming into contact with asbestos, exposure to black mold or other dangerous mold, and exposure to lead.

Construction workers may be especially vulnerable to many of these different toxins on-the-job. However, anyone could be exposed to things that make them sick. People who work in older buildings, for example, may find themselves in an office environment that is full of lead paint, mold, and asbestos.

Whatever your profession, if you get exposed to something on-the-job that makes you sick, you need to understand what your rights are. Georgia workers’ compensation laws cover workplace illnesses and entitle workers who are made sick because of exposure in the workplace to the same benefits as employees who are injured because of an accident on-the-job.

This means that, just like a worker who slipped and fell, an employee who gets sick due to work tasks can get full coverage for medical costs. All treatments made necessary by the illness should be paid for by a workers’ compensation insurer. Disability and death benefits should also be available.

While workers who are made sick should be entitled to receive benefits, the problem is that it can be difficult to prove that an illness was caused by work. In some cases, it is easier than others because there is only one clear cause of an illness. For example, asbestosis and mesothelioma almost always result from exposure to asbestos so someone who develops one of these sicknesses may have an easier time linking the illness to on-the-job exposure. For other illnesses like lung cancer or other types of cancer, for example, it may be much more difficult to prove that the illness was specifically occurring because of workplace exposure since cancer can have myriad causes.

While it can be hard to prove an illness was related to work, employees still need to try to make a workers’ compensation claim if they believe that their job made them sick. A workers’ compensation attorney can provide invaluable assistance in attempting to prove the cause of an illness.

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