War Vet Killed in Amusement Park Accident

Categories: Personal Injury

A double amputee and Iraq war veteran was killed when he was ejected from a roller coaster at Darien Lake, an amusement park in Buffalo, New York.

According to news reports, the vet had asked park officials which rides were safe for him to ride and he was told “all of them.” However, the Ride of Steel roller coaster uses a lap bar to keep riders in. The man was ejected on a small curve toward the end of the ride as the coaster approached the station.

While amusement parks, concert venues, and sports arenas of all types attempt to shift responsibility for accidents to visitors and spectators with a blanket statement on ticket stubs, more vigilance is required to ensure safety for every attendee. When rides break or passengers are injured, If you’re traveling to an amusement park this summer, be careful, and if an unfortunate incident occurs, don’t hesitate to contact the law offices of Van Sant Law, LLC.