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Voice-Command Control Can Increase Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents

Many people believe that driving while using electronic devices is safe as long as voice control is enabled. Voice-controlled infotainment and navigation systems have become increasingly common in vehicles, with drivers able to do everything from change the radio station to make a telephone call and send a text message to entering a location into a navigation system. These systems are legal to use when driving, unlike handheld phones, and motorists often believe that they are not taking any risk because their hands are still on the wheel. atlanta distracted driving

Unfortunately, the use of handheld devices does not prevent Atlanta distracted driving accidents. In fact, recent research from AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has revealed that it can sometimes actually be more dangerous to use hands-free controls than it would be if a driver simply used a handheld device while driving.

Motorists need to be aware of the substantial risks that come with using any electronic devices while driving and they must ensure that they are making smart choices to protect themselves so they do not become responsible for causing injury. If a driver does cause harm, a car accident lawyer in Atlanta can provide assistance to victims and their families in pursuing a damage claim.

Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents Increased by Voice-Controlled Devices

The AAA Foundation study was the third phrase of a comprehensive research effort designed to uncover the dangers of distraction behind the wheel. The research revealed that when drivers use hands-free systems in their cars, they can be distracted not only while using the system but also for up to 27 seconds after the time they have finished giving commands.

AAA Foundation measured the level of distraction caused by in-vehicle systems on popular vehicles, including the Mazda system, the Hyundai Sonata system, Apple's Siri voice control, and the system in Toyota and Chevy vehicles. All systems were found to be at least a Category 2 or higher in terms of distraction. AAA considers any distraction level above a two to be a hazard, and not one system fell below this level. In fact, 10 out of 13 systems were a category 3 or higher, so posed a significant distraction.

Research also found that the complexity and level of intuitiveness in the system has a big impact on the level of distraction. When systems are more error-prone or are more complex, drivers become more distracted.

Getting Legal Help With Atlanta Distracted Driving Accidents

If you were involved in an accident you believe was caused by a driver who was distracted, it can be more difficult to prove liability in situations where a hands free device was being used. This is because, unlike when witnesses can testify they saw a driver on the phone, it may not be easy to show that a driver was talking to his in-vehicle electronic system when he caused a crash. An attorney can help to subpoena phone records and otherwise work to obtain evidence which will make it easier to prove your case and get the compensation you deserve after a crash.

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