Victims of DUIs in Georgia May Qualify for Punitive Damages

Categories: DUIs in Georgia

Drunk drivers are being punished like never before thanks to new laws in Georgia that make it possible for the victims of a drunk driving accident to sue for punitive damages.

A notable situation occurred last spring, when a driver was hit from behind by a drunk driver. While the damage to the car was slight, and the soft tissue damage suffered by the victim was minimal (less than $1000 in medical costs), the drunk driver received a sentence that included $30,000 in punitive damages for the victim, awarded by the Gwinnett County jury.

In Georgia, DUI offenders are subject to possible punitive damages in order to deter and punish them for wreckless endangerment and unlawful conduct. Many attorneys do not pursue such damages, but at the Law Offices of David Van Sant, we seek maximum compensation for all of our clients, including those who are injured in an accident caused by an impaired driver.

Drunk driving is a serious crime. It takes the lives of thousands of innocent victims each year, and repeat offenders are seen regularly in court. If you are injured by a drunk driver, contact the law offices of David Van Sant. With David in your corner, you can expect determined representation toward securing the maximum award available to you.