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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction is Valuable Tool

When an accident victim comes to our law firm, the facts of the case are not often cut and dried. It is not uncommon when we work with accident victims to find that there are more than two sides to a story and more than two ways to look at the accident. It is also important to speak with a lawyer quickly due to the statue of limitations.

Insurance companies employ adjusters who work on behalf of the insurance company to determine if their insured motorist was at fault. There are cases where the actual “fault” for the accident is in question.

Vehicle accident reconstruction is the process used to investigate and analyze the facts of an accident in order to determine the cause and series of events in a crash. This collision analysis helps determine the cause and contributing factors in a collision. Accident reconstruction will look at not only the role of the drivers, but also the operational condition of the vehicles, road condition, weather, and other extenuating circumstances.

The science of vehicle accident reconstruction is fascinating. It involves the laws of engineering and physics and in today’s cases may include the use of sophisticated software that calculates probabilities and determines the most likely scenarios.

Accident reconstruction is often employed when an accident has gone to trial. The reconstruction may be presented by an expert witness. The Van Sant team includes Vehicle Accident Reconstruction experts who can help determine cause and fault in an accident situation.

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