Tylenol Linked to Liver Failure

Categories: Personal Injury

Millions of Americans rely on Tylenol to help stop chronic pain but don’t realize that the drug that they are taking to aid their health could actually be the drug that ends up resulting in another dangerous conduction. The Legal Examiner reports that many children who take Tylenol in larger quantities than suggested can cause liver failure.

Even adults often take more than the recommended amount of this medication, hoping that an excessive amount of the medicine will have a better effect and are able to remove the pain that they are suffering from. According to medical experts, over one-quarter of all individuals that take Tylenol consume it over the recommended dosage. Consumer groups have been asking Johnson & Johnson to strengthen the warning labels on Tylenol for years, but have not been successful.

Recently, Johnson & Johnson finally decided to do something about their labeling due to dozens of lawsuits from plaintiffs who suffered liver failure from the product. The company added a new red cap warning to the medication. Extra Strength Tylenol bottles will now be shipped with bold red warnings on the top of the cap starting this month. The new warnings also indicate that the product contains Acetaminophen and states that consumers need to always read the label of the medication.

While Johnson & Johnson plans to correct their mistake, you can seek compensation if you have suffered from liver conditions as a result of taking this medication. Talk to a lawyer at Van Sant Injury law if you would like to seek compensation from Johnson & Johnson for failing to place the correct warning labels on their product. Tylenol lawsuits are currently increasing, as more and more people discover that their serious liver problems were the result of taking this seemingly harmless painkiller medication. Talk to an Atlanta personal injury lawyer for more information!