Two 19 Year Old Women Killed By Coal Train

Categories: Fatal Accident

A coal train that derailed in Maryland was going the authorized speed of 25 miles per hour with an engineer-in-training at the controls before the accident that killed two young women, according to a federal investigator who spoke today.

The freak accident is under investigation, but train operators say the engines were on the tracks, but a car in the middle of the train on the bridge derailed, spilling coal. The girls — two 19 year old women — were sitting on one side of the bridge with their backs to the tracks as the train passed a few feet behind them. Their bodies were found buried under the coal that had been dumped during derailment.

Investigators were checking videos, track conditions and maintenance records to learn whether the college students hanging out on the bridge in the town’s main street contributed to the Monday night crash or if their presence was just a tragic coincidence.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Jim Southworth wouldn’t speculate on the cause of the derailment

The families of these young girls are left devastated and wondering how this possibly could have happened. Attorneys for the families will be sorting through the issues and handling the necessary legal filings and information requests.

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