Truck Accidents Injure Thousands Every Year

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It never fails, every winter we see an increase in the number of truck accidents that happen in and around our area. Jack-knifed trucks are as often seen on major highways as on rural byways.

Over the road truck drivers are required to complete extensive training on how to avoid a jack knife situation. You might say it’s Trucker 101.

If you are involved in an accident, either with a large rig or because of one that jack knifes and creates a chain reaction on the roads, you need to consult with an expert attorney immediately.

David Van Sant is an Alpharetta Accident Lawyer who has expertise in representing clients who have been injured in an accident involving commercial vehicles or trucks of all sorts.

Truck drivers are held to a high standard on Georgia roads. If you are involved in an accident with a truck, contact the police or highway patrol immediately. Don’t let the truck driver’s schedule or fast talk let him leave the scene before the police arrive.

If you are injured in an accident with a truck in Georgia, contact David Van Sant to discuss your case right away.