Train Accident Damages Six New Cars on Truck

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In Norcross, Georgia, a truck driver chose to cross train tracks despite warnings that a train was approaching. The police in the area received a call that the truck was stuck on the tracks before the train approached. The police then called railroad authorities to alert them of the situation, but the southbound train was approaching so quickly that they didn’t have time to stop.

The train cut the car hauler which was stuck on the tracks in half. This left two mangled vehicles on one side of the tracks and four other vehicles on the other side of the tracks. It took more than three and a half hours before the railroad was re-opened so that more trains could cross. Police say that the accident caused major delays for Norfolk Southern. The driver of the truck will be cited for trying to cross the tracks despite warnings signs.

Train accidents are somewhat common in Georgia. Oftentimes, the accidents are the driver’s fault, but if railroad signals did not work, then the railroad authorities may be sued for the accident. Also, passengers on a train involved in a collision can typically seek compensation from the parties-at-fault, such as the driver who crossed the tracks.

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