Top 5 Ways to Avoid an Accident

Categories: Personal Injury

In our fast-paced society, driving is nearly unavoidable. What can be avoided is a traffic accident. Here are some ways to help avoid them:

Look Both Ways: If you”re travelling in such a hurry that you don”t have time to clearly take in both sides of an intersection before crossing it (even if it”s your green light), you need to slow down and regroup.


Heed the Signs: When you”re driving, there are signs all around you. Be a defensive driver—watch out for street rules as well as indications of irresponsible driving.

Don”t Follow Too Closely: Always be ready to react. If you”re following too closely to the car ahead, you not only shorten your reaction time, but that of the car behind you.

Keep Your Car Repaired: Schedule regular checkups for your vehicle. If your car is not operating correctly, keep it off the road.

Put Your Head in the Game: Never drive when if you feel unable to stay constantly alert. It”s not worth the risk.

Not everyone heeds these simple rules, and unfortunately people get hurt because of it. If you or a loved one has been injured in any type of accidentcontact us.