Three Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe: Alpharetta Accident Lawyer

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Alpharetta personal injury attorney David Van Sant works with hundreds of accident victims every year. Some of the most heartbreaking cases he works on involve the injury of a child. No parent wants to be in an accident with injuries of any type. Keeping your children safe, says Van Sant, is easier if you follow three basic rules for traveling with children:

1. Make sure your child is in an age appropriate car seat or booster seat in the back seat of the vehicle at all times. Fire stations throughout the metroplitan Atlanta area work with familes to fit car seats for children. Booster seats are now required for children eight and under. If you have questions about whether or not you’re using the appropriate carseat or booster seat, contact the Car Seat Hotline at 404 546 4444. They’ll direct you to the nearest fire station where a fitting technician is on duty to help you out.

2. Children nine to thirteen years of age, while exempt from child safety seat requirements, should sit in the back seat at all times. At this age, kids are also old enough to learn to ride quietly. At this impressionable age, it’s also important to display the rules that you want them to follow later when they start to drive. Don’t talk on the phone or text while you’re driving. Don’t eat or read while you’re driving. Focus your attention on the road to avoid a car accident.

3. Insist that your teen drivers complete a State approved Driver’s Education program. Give them lots of opportunities to drive while they have their learner’s permit so they can work their way up to independent and confident driving. Don’t call or text your child when you know he or she is driving. Make it easy for him or her to call you if they find themselves in a situation where alcohol is being consumed or other situations make it dangerous for them to drive or ride with someone else.

Van Sant says with these three tips, you can improve the chance that your children won’t be injured in a car accident. That’s information worth sharing.

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