The More Teens in a Car, the More Chance for Danger

Categories: Accident Victims

There is nothing worse than when a teeneager has his or her life tragically cut short. Alpharetta Accident Attorney David Van Sant says recent headlines indicate that the number one cause of death of children between the ages of 15 and 18 is car accidents.

Even more sobering is that the chance of an accident goes up exponentially whenever additional teens are added to the mix. When two or more teens are in a car, the chance of an accident goes up 45%. More fatal accidents involving teens have more than one teen in the car. More alcohol-related accidents with teens involve more than one teen in a car. There seems to be a pattern here, and it’s a dangerous one.

As an accident lawyer, David Van Sant helps victims of accidents. Sometimes that’s a teenager, but other times it’s a child or a senior citizen who was injured at the hands of the teen. Inexperience is reason enough to insist that your teen driver exercise extreme caution by not carrying passengers. But is it realistic to tell a teen, “No friends can ride with you?” Not really.

Here are some ways your teen can make it safer in his or her car:

– Enforce a no calls and no texting rule. If your teen is driving, the co-pilot is in charge of the phones.

– Teach your teen to respectfully request quiet in the car. No one likes a bossy friend, but a simple, “Can we please use our inside voices” will get a laugh as well as gtet the message across.

-Tell your teen not to eat in the car. Fast food runs may be common for teens, but booths in the restaurant make a better dining surface than a steering wheel. Encourage your teen to go inside at fast food restaurants and not to eat in the car.

– Make it okay for your child to call you if there’s a problem. Teens make mistakes, and you’d rather have your inebriated youngster call you than have the sheriff call you, so make it okay for your child both to make mistakes, and call for a safe ride home.

– Pattern good behavior for your child. That means stay off your phone, don’t eat, and keep the chatter in the car (and the music) on low volumne.If you are injured in an accident, contact David Van Sant, an Alpharetta Accident Attorney.