Teen Dies in Train Accident

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A Rome, Georgia teenager was recently hit and killed by a train while he was playing the game “chicken” near the tracks. Fox 5 reports that the middle school student was struck just after midnight on Mother’s Day. The young man with the initials M.J. was near the tracks on Broad Street and Calhoun. He was playing the game chicken with a group of friends on the tracks when a freight train sped toward the bunch.

The game consisted of standing on the tracks, and the person who was able to stand there the longest as a train approached would win and be considered the bravest. All the other teens managed to move off of the tracks when M.J. was crushed underneath the wheels. Police say that the train was travelling at 55 mph and had 55 cars and three locomotives. This type of train takes a mile and a half to arrive at a full and complete stop.

Railroad safety advocates say that residents in Georgia should use this tragic incident as a reminder that trains can be dangerous and that oftentimes they are hard to stop. It also serves as a reminder to children that they should never play on train tracks, as the dangers can be catastrophic. In America, there were 1,979 train accidents in 2011 and at least 6 fatalities. Most train accidents happen because of human factors, such as is the case in this situation.

M.J.’s devastated family may be able to seek compensation for their pain and suffering at their son and sibling’s death. If your loved one was killed in a train accident or injured when crossing the tracks, then you can seek financial compensation for all medical bills and the emotional toll that the traumatic incident has had on you. Hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer today for more information about train accidents and seeking compensation in these sorrowing situations.