Eating Less May Help You Feel Better After an Accident

Categories: Taking Care

During times of stress people will react to food in one of two ways: either they will eat more thinking it makes them feel better, or they will eat less. Very few stick to the same eating patterns as before their stress. Everyone knows someone who went on the “divorce diet” and lost weight almost without trying. Stress can do that to you. But did you know that losing weight can also help you reduce your stress?

Atlanta personal injury lawyer David Van Sant works with hundreds of victims of accidents every year. Some victims were in car accidents, others have had accidents on the job. Many are injured and unable to resume normal activity. This can lead to overeating, as calories going in exceed the expended energy, or calories going “out.”

Antioxidants are healthy foods that reduce the oxidation in our bodies. When you over-eat, you are susceptible to oxidation, so in addition to the added calories that can lead to weight gain and obesity, oxidation messes with your metabolism. If you are unable to get exercise at your normal level when you are injured, it is important to reduce your caloric intake. While this certainly seems logical from a shear “weight gain” perspective, the other benefit of reducing calorie intake is reducing your body’s oxidation, which in turn, naturally reduces your stress and makes you feel better.

Oxidation stress is a real factor that impacts your body in many ways. By reducing your calorie intake to 75% of what you normally would eat, you are not only ensuring that you expend more energy than you consume, but you are reducing your oxidative stress.

At the Law Offices of David Van Sant, we work with accident victims every day, and we see the problems that stress can cause. It is important that you take care of yourself when you’ve been in an accident, not only by ensuring that your exterior, physical wounds have time to heal, but by giving your body’s insides a chance to heal as well. Reducing calories, and adding foods rich in antioxidants (typically fruits and vegetables) to your diet will go a long way toward improving your overall health and well being.

If you are in an accident and need an attorney, contact David Van Sant. He is an Atlanta personal injury lawyer who works with accident victims. Mr. Van Sant will not only help you with your legal case, but he and his staff are available to assist with recommendations to help you get better, feel better, and get back on your feet.

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