Stress is Real for Kids After Car Accidents

Categories: Taking Care

I saw an interesting article the other day about stress reduction techniques for kids who are returning to school. It made me think about some of the accident victims I deal with, many who have kids who are traumatized by their accidents and dealing with the post traumatic affects.

Stress in kids can be real. In the case of an accident victim, it might manifest itself through a fear of riding in a car, or an irrational fear or concern whenever a parent is even a few minutes late. Kids worry that another accident will occur, and the stress and its impacts are very real.

What was comforting in reading the article was that stress reduction is really a fairly simple process. Kids need enough sleep. They need exercise. They need good nutrition. They also need parents who talk to them about their fears and concerns and help them work their way through the distress that can follow after being involved in a car accident.

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