Storm Causes Danger Throughout Atlanta

Categories: Personal Injury

GA Personal Injury Attorney David Van Sant
An event in Villa Rica, Georgia, ended in trips to the hospital for five unfortunate victims over the weekend. According to the reports on My Fox Atlanta, the event in Villa Rica is called the Curves & Chrome Rally for a Cure and was being held at the V-Plex. There was a stage set up for live music at the event, but a gust of wind and the large amounts of rain in the area caused a tarp over the stage to collapse. As a result, five people standing underneath were injured. All five were taken to the Tanner Medical Center for treatment, and released later that day.

In addition to the accident at the V-Plex, many individuals have had a hard time navigating through their neighborhoods after trees fell over and roads were flooded or washed away in the torrential storms this past weekend. The severe weather resulted in a variety of different complications and accidents. While you can’t blame the weather for an accident, you have the right to affix liability to any parties that should have been more cautious. For example, if a tree fell on your car, and the tree was weak and should have been removed from a neighbor’s yard, then you may be able to seek compensation from the neighbor.

Likewise, the individuals who put on the event at the V-Plex should have considered the possibility of a collapse in the storm and removed all people from the area surrounding the tarp before the collapse. If you want more information about how to seek compensation for injuries related to the storms in Atlanta this past weekend, then an Atlanta injury attorney at Van Sant Law can help. Contact a lawyer at the firm today if you want more information and want to discuss issues related to injuries from storms.