Steer Clear of Malls to Avoid Accident Risk

Categories: Accident Victims

Recent news stories about back to school events in and around the Atlanta area signal the start of a new school year. Some schools are already in session, and shopping centers everywhere are experiencing the rush of back to school traffic.

Compounding the surge in economic activity is more trucks on the road. Truck and car accidents often occur around shopping centers, particularly this time of year.

Another cause of many a fender bender is distracted driving, particularly in parking lots and roads around the malls. Since that’s where the teenagers hang out, it’s no surprise.

Take extra precautions these next few days and weeks as back-to-school preparation means plenty of teens and one or two distracted or stressed out parents too. More traffic means more cars and trucks, which obviously means more accidents.

Now that you’re thinking about shopping for back to school, here’s a major pat on the back to Atlanta Braves second baseman Dan Uggla. He hosted a back-to-school program at the Walmart in Dunwoody earlier this week and handed out $60 Walmart gift cards to at-risk elementary-aged children and their siblings.

The event was part of Dan Uggla’s Diamond in the Rough Foundation, which has a mission to provide opportunities, support and resources to children and families in-need.

Let’s hope for a safe and educational school year. If you need an attorney to assist with a car accident in Georgia, contact Alpharetta Accident Lawyer David Van Sant.