Side Airbag Litigation Starts with Attorney Involvement

Categories: Accident Victims

This week we’ve been discussing the protective benefits of side impact airbags and auto manufacturer’s seemingly slow willingness to adopt their installation into all passenger vehicles.

As we’ve written, side impact airbags are known to reduce head trauma and protect rear seat passengers, notably children, when an automobile crash involves a side impact, which at least 30 percent of serious documented accidents do.

Attorneys have successfully litigated that automobile manufacturers have been liable for medical injuries and even deaths caused by defective airbags, and some litigation has even pushed the envelope to argue that the lack of installing airbags in certain makes and models of cars constitutes negligence on behalf of the manufacturer.

A Florida attorney recently sued the Ford Motor Company on behalf of the estate of a man who was killed when the side airbags in his vehicle failed to activate. That settlement yielded more than $3.3 million dollars for the estate of the deceased.

Car accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and people are injured in wrecks for reasons that range from carelessness, lack of seat belts, distracted driving, or simply the nature and impact of the crash.

When injuries can be prevented through the installation of proven safety devices, or when installed safety devices fail, a personal injury attorney needs to be involved.

If you believe you were injured due to manufacturer negligence or product defect, or if a side impact airbag could have reduced or prevented your injuries, contact the Law Offices of David Van Sant for expert counsel and advice.