Shocking Kids Into Safe Driving

Categories: Auto Safety Information

Scaring teens into safe driving habits is a tactic that was in vogue for decades all across America. Many adults remember gruesome films we were shown as teen drivers. But as public school budgets have been cut, more public schools have eliminated driver’s education, and the gory films, from their curriculums, leaving kids to be taught by private driving schools or their parents.

A recent exercise at a Sonora, California, high school caught the attention of students. Public safety personnel in that city, in conjunction with the Sonora High School, staged a DUI accident that simulated four students taken by ambulance from a head-on collision, one student taken away in a hearse, and the student responsible for the accident driven away by police in hand-cuffs. Students got the idea, as many resorted to tears witnessing the simulation.

The act was part of a program called Every Fifteen Minutes, which is a two-day educational program that helps teach teen drivers about the dangers of drunk and impaired driving. According to the Every Fifteen Minutes program, someone in the U.S. is injured as a result of a drunk driver every fifteen minutes. According to Georgia statistics more than 400 people die each year in Georgia as the result of a drunk driver.

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