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Seek Medical Treatment After an Accident

If you’re injured in an automobile or truck accident, it is important to have yourself treated by medical professionals, and yet so many people do not seek the treatment they need.

As an attorney, I deal with clients who have been injured in accidents. Sometimes they have great medical insurance, other times they do not. The important thing, however, is that they get the medical treatment they need – fast!

Law Encourages Accident Victims to Seek Medical Attention Quickly

This past week the Governor of Florida signed a new bill into law designed to cut down on insurance fraud. The law requires accident victims to seek medical treatment within a few days of an accident. The goal of the bill is to reduce the cost of personal injury protection insurance and to provide insurance companies with ammunition for denying a claim that comes too late after an accident occurs.

Some injuries do not show up for a while after an accident. Minor bumps and bruises could subside before you realize you can’t comfortably lift your arms over your head or pick up your young child. If it takes a week to get an appointment to see a doctor, in some states, you will have gone too long to every recoup medical expenses from the other driver who caused the accident.

In Georgia, you have the right to receive compensation and treatment for injuries you sustain in a car or truck accident, but it is always important to act quickly. Seek medical treatment for any headaches, back pain, neck pain or other injuries within the first 24 hours of the accident. Get yourself treatment and keep track of all the expenses.

After Tracking Your Medical Expenses Talk To An Attorney

If you need assistance working your way through the aftermath of an auto injury, and you are the victim who has been injured in a car or truck accident, contact David Van Sant, an Alpharetta personal injury lawyer. He takes pride in helping accident victims get the treatment they need without putting them into financial hardship after being injured in an accident. For more information, contact David today.

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