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Seatbelt Safety is a Key to Reducing Injuries for Children

The end of the school year means the beginning of summer activity season. Parents trying to maximize time and save gas often work together to get kids where they’re going. Even if you’re in a hurry, making sure the kids who are riding in your vehicle are safe is a key to reducing the potential for auto accident inuries.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, booster seats are required for most elementary school children until they are at least 4’9″ tall. This means that some children need safety seats even after they reach eight years of age.

Even with the aid of a booster seat, seat belts are designed to fit adult males. So it is very important to make sure the driver of any vehicle your child is riding in takes the time to adjust the seat belts for children.

The lap belt should sit low on the hips below the stomach, and the shoulder belt should lay across the middle of the chest away from the neck.

Once a child does meet the height requirement to use a seat belt without a safety seat, kids under the age of thirteen still should not sit in the front seat under any circumstances.

The Georgia Department of Community Health has identified car accidents as the leading cuase of death and injuries leading to hospitalizations among children ages 5-17 in the state, but the proper use of booster seats and seat belts has the potential to reduce injuries by 59 percent.

It’s important to make sure safety is a top priority no matter whose vehicle your child is riding in this summer, and if your child suffers injuries as a result of improper seat belt and booster seat safety practices, contact David Van Sant, an Alpharetta personal injury attorney who represents clients who suffer automobile accident injuries

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