Safety Tips for Sharing the Road with Truckers

Categories: Accident Victims

Nearly 130,000 people are injured in America each year in collisions with commercial trucks, As many as 90 percent of those accidents are either caused or worsened by human error on the part of either the truck operator or the other motorist involved in the crash.

While nearly every driver has at least one story to tell about a close call that came as a result of bad driving on the part of a truck driver, it’s easy to forget that sometimes accidents can be avoided through common road courtesy and truck-friendly driving. We found these tips on a website for John Deere Insurance, which identified three particularly unsafe behaviors to avoid when sharing the road with trucks:

  1. Don’t ride in a trucker’s blind spot. The biggest blind spots on an 18-wheel vehicle are along the right side and to the rear.
  2. Don’t try to slip into a gap in traffic in front of a truck. Trucks take three times the stopping distance as the average car. If you cut them off, they may not be physically capable of stopping in time to avoid a collision.
  3. Don’t try to sneak past a trunk in motion. Getting a 48-foot trailer around a corner into a driveway or backing it up takes time. Be patient and wait your turn.

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