RV Accidents Rise on Holiday Weekend

Categories: Accidents on Vacation

It may not be the biggest revelation ever, but you might find it interesting to know that more accidents with RVs occur on Memorial Weekend than any other weekend. There are some common sense issues that come into play with this bit of news:

Memorial Weekend is the kick-off ot the summer. If you own an RV, chances are, you are using it this weekend. So just based on sheer numbers, RVs are on the road — big time.

According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association,many RV-ers are out for the first time of the season. That means break-downs, mechanical issues, or flat tires. When an RV is pulled over on the side of the road, it’s going to slow down traffic as everyone who goes by looks to see “what’s wrong?”

By nature, campers are friendly, helpful sorts, so if one big RV is pulled over, chances are, another will soon follow, as a fellow enthusiast stops to render aid.

Memorial Weekend is also the weekend when first time RV owners will be out playing with their new toys. The RV dealerships have had a super spring sales season, and according to Family Motor Coaching Magazine, there are more RVs on the road this spring and summer than ever before.

Gas prices have dropped in recent weeks too, which makes it more feasible to take out the big wheels, so you can expect to see lots of them on the roads th is weekend.

Here’s the catch: most RV accidents occur not on the highway, but in parking lots, when maneuvering around traffic and pedestrians can be tricky at best.

If you’re out this weekend, keep an eye out for the RV enthusiasts, and remember, most are on their maiden voyage of the year, so it’s probably best to keep your distance!

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