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Awareness Can Help You Avoid an Accident

When it comes to avoiding accidents, much depends on the roads themselves. Winters can be rough on Georgia roads and highways, and that can be tough on your car or truck. Just as the ground hog comes out in early February to determine how much longer the winter will be, pot holes seem to come out in March, followed closely by the road crews.

Spring Weather Means Pot Holes and Road Work

Road work also can mean traffic snarls, and while every driver wonders at one time or another why the road crews chose “right now” to fix the particular road they are on, the reason is probably, “It’s been on the list for a while, and today is the day.”

Street crews are also scheduled on off hours, particularly in areas where you might not be used to seeing road crews. That’s why it’s important to always be alert to new hazards that may arise, even on your most familiar paths around the city.

Digital billboards and overhead signage are being used more and more to alert us in advance to impending road work, particularly on major highways. Freeway entry and exit ramps are notorious for needing repair, but if you pay attention and plan accordingly, you can usually avoid some of the biggest traffic snarls, which oftentimes are magnets for fender benders and even multi-car pile-ups.

If you are interested in finding out about road construction in your area, and even construction delays throughout Georgia this weekend, you can visit This resource will tell you when major highway construction is scheduled or when closures or detours will occur. It’s a great resource if you travel around Georgia regularly and want to avoid traffic jams or late arrivals to your destinations.

So as March rolls in like a lamb, keep your eyes open for the seasonal pot holes, avoid swerving when you do see one, check your tires upon reaching your destination if you hit one, and don’t forget to slow down in construction zones.

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