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Rising Number of Bike Accidents Lead Some to Record Rides

Riding a bike can be a lot of fun, but on busy city streets and rural roads, bicycling can be a very dangerous sport. Since only chidlren ages 12 and younger can legally ride on sidewalks, it’s important that motorists and bicyclists learn to share the road.

In some major cities where getting around on a bike can be faster than a car, some cyclists have started wearing helmet cameras. This is particularly true in New York City where bicycle messengers take their lives in their hands every single day. The theory is that, if a motorist thinks he or she is being watched, he or she will be more cautious when passing or turning in front of a cyclist. More importantly, in the event of an accident, evidence is readily available when a helmet cam is being used.

Some bicyclists say that wearing a helmet cam has caused motorists to slow down when driving past them. Others say it encourages drivers to move over farther away from the bike.

Last year the “Three Foot Safe Passing Bill” failed to pass the Georgia legislature. The bill would have made what seems to make sense law, meaning that motorists would have been required to keep at least a three foot distance between their vehicles and a bike that is sharing the road.

AAA, which is considered to be one of the major lobbying groups for motorists, supports having safe passing zones in place in states nationwide. Currently less than 20 states have laws that mandate safe passing distances. AAA also provides safety education for youth bike riders, noting that bicycles are a child’s “first vehicle.”

The Gerogia Bill was being promoted by Georgia Bikes and would have been named in honor of Tony Serrano, a Gwinnett County cyclist who was killed on Peachtree Industrial Blvd. near McGinnis Ferry Road when he was struck by a passing ca in 2004.

At the Van Sant Law, we often deal with victims of bike/car accidents. Cyclists can be severely injured when hit by a car, even when wearing a helmet.

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