Reduce Stress with a Good Book

Categories: Taking Care

If you’re an accident victim, you may be experiencing added stress in your life. Leave it to our friends across the pond to come up with a simple stress reduction technique that we are happy to share with our clients: reading.

A new study out from the University of Sussex in Great Britain says that reading is not only good for you, it is one of the best stress reducers for calming you down significantly and quickly.

According to the study, just six minutes of silent reading can lower your stress levels by as much 68 percent. It works better, in fact, than watching television or other activities that we typically consider as “low stress.” Reading, the study says, creates a good distraction, which allows your muscles to relax and your heart rate to slow.

Interestingly, listening to music was the second best stress reducer, cutting your stress by as much as 61 percent in the same six minutes.

At the Law Offices of David Van Sant, we work with clients who are often experiencing stress after an injury or accident. We hope that tips like this one about reading make it easier for everyone dealing with stress to get relief.